Are you ready for the next level up?

Posted by Maya Ris on Thursday, November 5, 2020

We are all currently uplevelling.

Moving on.

Changing into better versions of ourselves. 


It is something we are continually doing regardless of whether we notice it or not.

That is just how life moves.

How have you embraced the change? Are you able to move with your inner flow when it brings you at the threshold of the next step in your journey?

Do you feel the next step coming from afar? Can you fully step into it when you sense your body naturally moving you in the direction ...

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Ground Yourself

Posted by Maya Ris on Thursday, October 15, 2020

Grounding is essential for those who are empaths and sensitives.

If you are sensitive, you will continually keep ‘picking up’, or you will be resonated/triggered by other people’s energy as well as the environmental energy.

If you learn how to ground well, this will stop happening.

Daily, you are processing a lot more information and on a much deeper level than those who are not as susceptible to energy as you are.

It is estimated that around 20% of the population is highly sensitive; howev...

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Are you an energiser or de-energiser?

Posted by Maya Ris on Monday, August 24, 2020

Did you know that energy is the hot topic which is emerging as the most important subject in the life of organisations and leadership?

Energy medicine is the next great discovery that is waiting to explode exponentially across the globe! It is the best way to naturally help the body come into balance and regain its full health.

The energy of a person affects their job engagement, level of social contagion, social support, social networks, relationship with the management and leadership, job per...

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Updating to a Future Mindset

Posted by Maya Ris on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

We are all having to update and upgrade right now. We have no choice, the current changes are pushing us all to stretch, expand, pivot, swerve, redefine and evolve.

The world is pivoting and changing rapidly and we must too!

This is amazing news for energy healing, however many still feel that they need to do work in person and that distant energy work is not as good as the work in person.

Energy is always non-contact. Energy work is always distant work, even when you are in the same physi...

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Why is Sekhem Energy Healing important?

Posted by Maya Ris on Tuesday, August 4, 2020


We are changing rapidly and our energy is continually adjusting to its environment.

In energy healing Reiki came first, then Seichim and then Sekhem. As we kept growing as a community our consciousness and our energy keep increasing in frequency too.

Many individuals who have learned these three energy systems have innovated and developed various entrepreneurial businesses, services, artistic creations, systems, services and products. Many healing modalities are variations of these th...

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Why can't you heal?

Posted by Maya Ris on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Today I was reminded of how amazing it is to channel energy distantly when a client is truly open to receiving it. What a wondrous experience! There is no struggle, just the cosmic flow of high voltage magic!

I have been intending to write about this for many months now because it is so important. For those of you who receive distant healing from me, regularly and occasionally, please do not think it is you I am talking about - we all have resistance to the highest versions of ourselves, it ...

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Medicine of the future

Posted by on Sunday, September 8, 2019

Energy healing is the medicine of the future. In fact the energy is the original medicine which is freely available to all, completely natural and creational in its origin. Energy healing is a process of streaming clean and vibrant energy to yourself, others, animals, plants and to your environment. Our bodies are built to be powerful receivers and transmitters of energy and our bodies exchange energy with everything and everybody in our immediate environment all the time. 

When we absorb a ...

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