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                                          Sekhem Master Teacher

At this level you are attuned to four Sekhem advanced master symbols.

Being attuned to Sekhem Master level means that a person has been given Sekhem master symbols to work with and is now able to chanell these high  frequency energies. As in all other cases it does not mean that one is made spiritual master by having an attunement. 

In essence now that you have been aligned with higher frequencies which enable you to have a clearer direct connection to the Divine Source and your Higher Self, you are in a process of mastering your own self realization.

At this level you are given four Sekhem portal symbols which connect and go beyond space, time and dimensions. This is a journey of opening your heart to the life and the divine and allowing them to manifest through you and reach out to others.

You will learn how to teach others and how to deepen your practice.