Crystal Healing Course

 On line one to one course

Personal mentoring and guidance to enable you to be a powerful and deeply connected Crystal Healer         

Start any time that suits you   

Beginner Level I -  1 day or 5 h

Intermediate Level II - 2 days or 10 h

   Advanced Teacher Level III - 2 days or 10 h

Comprehensive manuals given for each level
                                                                 Course outline

The course covers the practical and spiritual side of crystal healing. You learn various techniques for improving your health, wellbing, expanding your consciousness and manifesting and attracting what is best for your personal growth. 

You will learn how to use crystals in crystal therapy session and create grids based 
on sacred geometry.  We will also look at why crystals were so important in ancient civilisations and the role they play in planetary awakening of the new, clean, 
clear and truly ethical consciousness. 

                    Crystal healing course teaches you how to add 
     hundreds of extra volts to your body, mind and your intentions.

                       The energy we so often lack to live in a positive and creatively 
                                  satisfying way is available to us through crystals. 

Crystals are nature's natural amplifiers, transformers, transmitters, cleansers and purifies, the attributes that we are going to learn how to use to improve our environment and our personal wellbeing.  

 Aside from learning how to work with crystals the course will enable you to attune and deepen your connection with the nature and the planet, connect with the essence of crystals in the ground and tap into their medicinal properties.  

  Crystal Therapy Syllabus 

History of crystal healing and their use in Ancient Egypt
Foundations of working with energy
Crystal energy and choosing crystals, cleansing crystals, recharging, energising
Connecting with the crystals
Programming crystals
Human energy field
Clearing and protecting the space with crystals.
Creating and empowering healing chambers within your own home.
Etheric crystals. Using and placing highly vibrational non physical crystals and working with liquid etherics
Working with solar crystalline matrix 
Connecting with and using crystal energy when crystals are not present physically
Journeying into a crystal
Accessing inner Crystalline Temples of Lemuria and Atlantis
Accessing crystal chambers within the Earth and communicating with the deep level crystal families
Cosmic energy activation and tapping into crystalline energy of stars. 
Crystalline DNA updating and cellular activation. 
Light Codes, Activation and Upgrades for awakening the crystalline body
Amber , Beryl Family- Emerald, Aquamarine etc, Calcite, Celestite, Fluorite, Garnet, Haematite, Labradorite , Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Malachite, Obsidian, Turquoise, Quartz family- clear Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds.
Crystal treatments.
Using pendulum with crystals
Sacred geometry
Crystal grids, using them to send energy, send healing from distance, reprogram patterns, situations and influences 
Crystal essences and use of Reiki/energy healing with crystals
Crystal Devas
Crystalline transmissions
Crystal reflexology and crystal massage
Colour and crystal healing
Chakra balancing with pendulum and crystals, chakra upgrading 
Energy cords, psychic attack, entity release with crystals
Crystals and geopathic stress
Combining crystals 
Channelling crystals, laser wands, ellestials, double-terminated, tabular crystals, Lemurian seed crystals etc.
Crystals and sound

The course gives you all skills need to successfully work as a crystal healer. It will develop your intuitive and psychic faculties, enable you to establish spiritual communication with the natural world and a soul connection with the mineral kingdom and the Earth.

This is an experiential learning about the medicinal nature of crystals and their use in every day life. 

It is not necessary to have any previous qualifications or experience to attend this course, however it is recommended that students obtain at least Reiki I or/and II levels as this will open their ability to perceive energy. Reiki, and especially Sekhem, enhances sensitivity to energy and it takes your work with crystals to the next level.

The aim of this course is too create confident, safe, professional and highly competent healers from whom I would be happy to receive a treatment and to enable individuals to open up to the vibrational nature of the natural world.

There is no requirement to finish the course by a certain time and everybody studies at their own pace.

If you cannot clearly feel the energy from crystals when you hold them please consider that a Reiki attunement may be very beneficial for you. If you enrol on the this crystal healing course you may be able to receive Reiki I and II attunements at a discounted cost. 

Teaching crystals are provided for students to practice and learn on the course. Crystals are not supplied to students with this course and you will have to purchase your own crystals separately. It may be possible to order crystals through this course from a reputable supplier.

Please book the course here and connect with me for a chat or further clarification.

" Our bodies have very unstable energy field and any disruptions create "disease", but if you put the stable energy field of a crystal alongside a disorganised human field, the energies entrain - come together - and disharmonious field is brought back into its pristine form. Harmony and wellbeing are the result ".
Judy Hall