"Receiving the first Sekhem attunement from Maya was a very profound experience for me. During the process I had a strong release of emotion and the awareness of working with these energies in an Atlantean past life with Maya. The Sekhem energy is very strong and this is a very sacred initiation into a deeper connection with Source. I have noticed since the attunement that some challenges are coming up for me; which means I am ready to deal with them, so that is a good progression. I also know this is a life-long tool to use wisely. Much of the change I experience is subtle and taking place on the inner planes, but on all levels there is an expanding sense of unity with this radiant spiritual energy that we can all share to help heal ourselves and the planet. Maya is very well equipped for this important healing work. She combines a deep spiritual awareness with integrity, vitality and humour. She is a powerful healer and a divinely inspired, enthusiastic teacher. She is doing great work and I highly recommend her to anyone who feels called to Sekhem healing."

Catherine J, Metamorphic Technique Practitioner, Healer

"When I visited Maya for a treatment around 2 years ago. During my treatment I felt an energy that I had never experienced before. It was totally calming and centering, its hard to put into words. It felt so natural. It wasn't like Reiki energy, the soothing being 'wrapped up in cotton wool' feel and it wasn't like the Sekhem energy that both Maya and myself are so familiar with, the cosmic transformative buzzy energy. This felt very different. It felt  completely in harmony with every level of my being, totally centering and grounding with this inherent rock solid wisdom. I felt totally in balance and completely refreshed. Its key words for me are natural, balance and centre. It felt perfect, integrated from the beginning. For days after my treatment, I felt much more of who i was, properly aligned with myself. I felt calm and logical, finding it easier to stay in the moment. It was amazing to feel that balanced and centred. I have known Maya for manyyears, we met when we both commenced a Crystal Healing diploma. After completing the diploma, we both trained together in Sekhem Egyptian Healing to Master Teacher level.

When I first met Maya I was drawn to her by her huge amount of integrity in spiritual matters and a fearlessness in following her path. Maya is an incredibly strong spiritual being who is never afraid to speak her truth with compassion, no matter what. It was so fulfilling to be learning and growing with Maya during the time that we did. Maya's strong intuition and huge compassion for humanity, coupled with her knowledge, integrity and intelligence make her a wonderful spiritual teacher and friend. A lot of the struggle recently it seems, from my experience, for all those on the spiritual path, has been learning to keep our feet on the ground whilst assimilating all the new frequencies and information we are now receiving, to keep grounded and integrate the physical with the spiritual, heaven with earth, not to forget or abandon the physical, to realise we are having a physical experience, and to rejoice in them both, to realise how important it is to now marry them both.

When you meet Maya, you realise that this balance has been met and you are in the presence of someone who has the knowledge and skills to help other people on this path and with finding this balance too. Maya is a down to earth, strong, spiritual, compassionate human being, who has many valuable spiritual tools to offer anyone who is open to them."

Sarah C, Sekhem Master Teacher, Reiki Teacher, Crystal Healer, Australian Bush Flower Practitioner, Earth Healer, Trainee Herbalist

"Maya, a sensitive, intuitive healer. She powerfully awakened my body to its own wisdom and connected me to a sense of a bigger picture. I am forever grateful for the journey she has taken me on, tapping me into potential that I was unaware even lay dormant! She is also a great teacher, her knowledge of all spiritual spheres is vast, a session with Maya, leaving me with a passion to quest deeper! Even as a distant healer, her healing presence is very strong."

Rebecca, Solstice- Celebrant, Healer, Advocate, Earth Guardian, Community Grower, Event Organiser, Campaigner

"Maya is an inspiring and a warm-hearted person that brings light to the people that surround her. Her depth of knowledge about the healing arts is so profound, that I could sit and listen to her for hours talking about crystals and Sekhem! When I received a treatment from her, I felt going to a deep meditation...  It felt like a lucid dream and I had a strong vision about my spiritual mission in this lifetime.... When she finished the treatment, I felt so peaceful and secure, so certain about my life's purpose. Thank you, Maya!"

Fiora T, Teacher, Dancer, Healer, Artist

"After nine sessions of Sekhem with Maya I feel totally confident in strongly recommending her work. Sekhem is a powerful healing that seems to go very deep into the energy body and unravel old stuck knots. This is palpable during and after a session. It can also be emotionally  challenging - at least this has been my subjective experience. I was curious about Sekhem having heard from a friend that her daughter's M.E. was resolved by it. Now I want to learn more about it. I am a shiatsu practitioner with many years of experience, and have tried many healing modalities. I can honestly say this is a very powerful healing experience. I am very happy to recommend Maya as a practitioner of great ability and integrity."

Marilyn C, Artist, Shiatsu Practitioner


        Article by Eleanor Nibloc   

A couple of months ago I had a bit of a nasty accident involving a dishwasher (don’t ask!) which left me with a broken ankle and on crutches. So naturally not only did I been feel a fair amount of physical pain it also made me feel quite low and unbalanced.Sekhem, for those not in the know is an Egyptian word which means spiritual power, might and authority. It is also described as healing life energy known as chi, ki or prana in other traditions. In practice Sekhem is akin to Reiki in that it works with channelling healing energy but Maya purports this energy to be of a very high vibration that comes direct from the divine source of all that is.

Maya began our session with a balancing and toning exercise which soon had me feeling much calmer and more centred before I lay down and Maya began working with specific energy channels. I have to say that I almost immediately felt the effect as she channelled energy into my body. My arms, legs and heart centre rush with flows of energy. In my mind’s eye I began to see swathes of purple colours, a colour associated with deep healing as Maya informed me later. As she moved down into my legs and ankle I felt a whole mass of blockage shift. Although it is difficult to describe this effect all I can say is that I felt a discernible lightening within my body. Although the session lasted an hour I felt that I could have gone on for much longer and I almost longed to stay with the powerful energy that Maya was channelling for me. Our integration session after the healing was also enlightening as Maya explained the Sekhem system to me which I had not heard of previously.

Maya explained: “Sekhem is quite a recent addition to the current healing systems and is therefore not so well known. Those who get attracted to Sekhem vibration have normally reached a plateau in their life and spiritual self development and require higher vibrational energies to stimulate a new flow in their lives.  Focusing your desire on wanting to know, be and live the truth without running away or hiding any more, allows Sekhem to enter one’s sphere of perception.

Sekhem is ideal for dealing with an extreme lack of energy, physical pain, depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety and reactivating the sluggish organs and nervous system. It improves our psychic abilities and helps us to see energy and manifest our goals and soul desires.” I would definitely like to arrange another healing with Maya soon as I felt it to be one of the most moving and powerful healings I have had to date and her approach to healing is so down to earth and approachable you cannot fail but to leave feeling wonderful. "