Healing antediluvian memories and DNA

1st August  EARTH 9:30 - 14:30

First Initiation EARTH and Stellar frequency of Antares
Second Initiation AIR and Stellar frequency of Aldebaran
Third Initiation WATER and Stellar frequency of Fomalhaut
Fourth Initiation FIRE and Stellar frequency of Regulus

First Initiation EARTH £250
Second Initiation AIR £250 
Third Initiation WATER £250
Fourth Initiation FIRE £250

Each level balances and revitalises the stellar and cosmic energies of elements out of which we are all made: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

Each level reconnects with one of the Four Guardian Stars: Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut.

Soul Centering is the ancient system of balancing and reconnecting with the planet and the stars. It is based on the cosmic and spiritual soul energies of the Four Elements and the Four Cardinal Stars/Watchers of the Sky or the Royal Stars of Persia. 

These Stars are fundamental creational forces of our world and their original influence that illuminated the ancient Golden Age, the land of Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, Zep Tepi period of Egypt and beyond, is coming back now as we are approaching the 26 000 processional cycle. 

In this age the influence of four royal stars and four elements on the consciousnesses of the humans is being activated fully again in order to prepare us for the next Golden Age, the age of spiritual humanitarianism, harmlessness, flourishing of all life, and evolution of our creative potential beyond what we can imagine now. 

To begin healing on planetary level we need to start healing the basic building blocks of this creation, the four elements that everything is made out of and without which there would be no life on this planet.

The earth, air, water and fire that we have today are not the same elements as the ones that existed on the Earth a long ago. Just like the humans, plants and animals, the Elements have changed over the time. They have lost their potency, the intensity of their vibration, the healing power they had on humans. In olden times Elements were magical, they responded to our thoughts and feelings with intensity and speed, we had relationship with the elements and we were at one with planet. Working with elements reestablishes the bond with the planet. 

Today with the pollution and complete spiritual disconnection from the elements and the natural world, they have also fallen further back into lower vibrations. We need to consciously reconnect with our Elements and recognise that they are alive, that entire planet is alive. Reconnecting with the Elements and healing our connection to them will heal the Planet because she is the unified whole of the four elements.


   Aldebaran (Taurus’s Eye) – Spring Equinox
Regulus (Heart of Leo) – Summer Solstice  
Antares (Heart of Scorpio) – Autumn Equinox 
Fomalhaut (Aquarius) – Winter Solstice 

They are fixed stars in astrology because they appear not to move in the sky. They are also the brightest stars in sky and have been used for thousands of years by the the sailors and soldiers for navigation and by the priests of various religions for mystical purposes.These four Guardians have been foundation of many ancient philosophical believes, spirituality, mysticism and religions all over the world. 

Royal Stars of Persia or Four Watchers stood at the four corners of the sky watching over the humanity and the Earth. They are said to guard the Gateway to Heaven and to Gods. IChristianity they have become God's four main Archangels who look after the humanity: Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael. They have evolved into four Heavenly Kings in Buddhism, four Horsemen of the Christian Mythology, four Winds on a medicine wheel in Native American tradition and of course four directions: East, North, West and South that we use for orientation and for mystical ceremonies and rituals. In Egypt they became four sons of Horus: Imsety - South, Duamutef - East, Hapi - North and Qebehsenuef - West.

The Four Royal Stars had immense influence about 5000 years ago on the world events, our planet, human destiny and destiny of the nations. They form the cross in the sky as each stands in one corner of the sky and represent the equilibrium of cross and Christ Consciousness, balanced and evolved human being that has transcended harm and trauma. They are powerful astrological influences in our life

The energies of Four Royal Stars activate the portions of our DNA and ancestral memories that have been inaccessible to us for thousands of years. Our connection with these stars was fully active during the Golden Age of Humanity and we are reconnecting with them once again.