One -to-one and Group courses

Reiki Level II attunements

Introduction to three Reiki symbols and how to use them
Distant healing
Sending Reiki with eyes, breath and naval
Healing intuitively
Refining scanning techniques
Removing negative energy
Clearing negative energy from objects
Space clearing with symbols
Plenty of practice
Reiki Level Ii Certificate upon completion


After Reiki level II training your personal levels of energy will be dramatically increased. The healing energy of this level stimulates spontaneous release of negative feelings, thoughts and believes clearing your energy field deeper and raising your vibration higher than before.

During this time emotional and mental blocks from the past and present begin to dissolve enabling you to become happier and more relaxed.

You learn about distant energy healing and in sending energy across time and space you deepen your understanding of how energy works and how we connect with others distantly.

This is a practitioner level that enables you to treat others professionally.


All courses come with very comprehensive manuals designed for the beginners without any previous experience in energy work. There is plenty of practical information necessary to help you become very confident and knowledgeable in this field.

The Reiki Manual level I contains:

  • Emotional/Mental /symbol
  • Power symbol
  • Distance symbol
  • Releasing patterns
  • Distant healing procedure
  • Beaming energy
  • Sending energy with eyes, breath and naval
  • Clearing negative energy from objects
  • Focused healing
  • Intentions and directing the flow


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25 July 2019
2 August  2019
16 August 2019
7 September 2019

09:30 - 16:00

Cost £270