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Working crystals will be provided during the workshop for participants to practice with.

You are welcome to bring your own crystals that you already have and want to work with.

If you are thinking of buying crystals that you can use in this workshop one or two quartz points and a few small tumbler stones are good to start with.

Crystals are very powerful natural medicine that we can all use to improve any aspect of our health and well being.

In this workshop we will look at how crystal healing can help you:

  • Have more energy
  • Release negativity with ease
  • Dramatically improve meditation
  • Improve emotional states during difficult times
  • Feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Fall asleep easily and have amazing dreams
  • Get rid of stress in your body
  • Feel joyful and full of energy
  • Feel protected when in the meeting or in a difficult situation
  • Feel focused, logical and more intellectually astute when using specific crystals

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • know what stones to use for health
  • understand the role of colour in use of crystals
  • move negative energy out of your body using crystals
  • re-energise yourself
  • create crystal shield around you to protect yourself from negativity and harsh energies
  • cleanse, attune to and programme your crystal
  • use crystals on yourself and incorporate them in your practice that you already have
  • charge crystals and use them for specific purpose
  • meditate effectively with crystals


The Crystal Therapy Diploma Course 

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What is crystal healing?

Using the analogy of an old dial up internet is great for explaining why we need crystals and how they can change our experience of every day life. 

We all remember using the old, really slow dial-up internet connection and the problems it had, particularly when it came to watching the videos, playing games and generally multitasking on line. 

Imagine having to go again through endlessly slow and painful process of loading, buffering and waiting forever for something to happen and how difficult and unsatisfying that experience of being online was.  

Now think of what switching to a super fast fibre optic broadband, where every page is really only a click away from you, has done for you and your general experience of being online. How much has this dramatically enhanced and super effective performance changed our lives. 

Super fast transmission has sped up our connection with each other and with every part of the world beyond our imagination. Imagine how much time and energy it has saved for us and how our lives are now different beyond anything we knew before. 

That is exactly what crystals do for our body, mind and soul. 

 Crystals bring back the visceral feeling all babies are born with: 
"I love being me"

Crystal therapy uses minerals and crystals to enhance and strengthen your natural flow of energy. Crystals have natural energy within them which is activated and amplified when used by a person. Additionally they calm chaotic thoughts and emotions, create clear mental space, lift us up from the low vibrational states and pull out energy of illness and pain. 

Minerals, rocks and crystals improve our creative and spiritual flow while removing that which is preventing us from being in the flow.

restore the feeling of beauty and joy in our body.

Crystal Healing can be used for healing and improving any illness and condition that we may have. They are ideal for prevention of any health issues and for maintenance of good mental, emotional and physical health. Crystals assist the body and mind in recovery and speed up the natural healing processes. 

They encourage the growth of tissue, reduce stress and its related conditions, repair energy circuits, repair cells, dissolve and shift the energy blockages, enhance the positive effects of numerous therapies, heal depressive illnesses, feed the heart and soul with the loving energy that can reduce substance craving and improve detoxification of the body. 

Crystalline energetic flow restores the natural balance in body and mind whatever health issues we have and brings us back to the optimal state of health.

"Crystals give us the ability to fine-tune that communication bandwidth with source energy, allowing for more efficient comprehension and clarity"

Crystals are the most natural medicine we can use to break up the blockages, move and shift the stuck energies, improve one’s health and performance, connect with the natural world and elements and increase our sense of wellbeing. When working in partnership with crystals we:

Have more energy
Enjoy being ourselves
Release negativity with ease

Dramatically improve meditation
Improve emotional states during difficult times
Feel calm and relaxed
Fall asleep easily and have amazing dreams
Are anxiety free when wearing dark colour crystals
Feel joyful and full of energy when carrying citrine
Feel protected when in the meeting or in a difficult situation 
Feel focused, logical and more intellectually astute when using specific crystals

Some of the incredible properties of crystals were explained by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel who noticed, while watching crystals grow under a microscope, that their shape took a form of whatever he was thinking about concluding that the molecules are constantly arranging and rearranging themselves according to the vibrations they are exposed to. 

He showed that rocks can store thoughts similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound. 

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Crystals will:
  • Rearrange chaotic thoughts 
  • Add symmetry and harmony to your emotional and mental states
  • Manifest your intentions
  • Clean cellular spaces
  • Have laser sharp mind and focus
  • Clear neural pathways 
  • Realign bone structure 
  • Release toxic energies from body
Every crystal is unique and they each have their own special attributes and energies. 

Our Mother Earth delights in creating crystals, medicinal tools that maintain the balance on our planet. Some crystals are found only in one geographical location which evolves its own minerals.  Even within the same family of crystals, for example quartz, different specimens growing in different geographical areas will have different qualities, different frequencies and therefore different healing properties. 
 How crystal healing works?

When crystals are placed on the body their positive energy flows into the body while the negative energy flows out and is transmuted into positive energy. Resonance and interaction between different energy fields like human, animal or mineral, occurs naturally and can be enhanced with crystals. 

Crystals change the energetic vibration inside of our cells and our body correcting the misalignments and disharmonious energetic patterns. They do this by restoring natural energetic states, dissolving the blockages and re-establishing the natural flow.

Each crystal specialises in repairing and improving some aspect of health and wellbeing, restoring the equilibrium and healthy resonance. 

The crystals' symmetrical crystalline structure enables them to be perfect conductors and transmitters of energy, the property that has extensively been used in our technology. This structure makes them the most stable and most perfectly arranged forms of matter on the planet with properties of conducting, transforming, emitting and amplifying energies. 

They facilitate the energy transfer between the different forms and are the next big development in the natural field of medicine and consciousness. 

Crystals have a very strong energy field around them that readily interacts with their environment. Because of this constant energetic exchange crystals need to be cleansed regularly and rested if they are used for healing so that they are not overwhelmed.  

They work very well with many forms of energy healing and Reiki and Sekhem healing can be taken on the whole new level with the use of crystals and crystal grids.

Crystals are libraries of information and record keepers for our planet. Working with them reconnects us and strengthens our connection to the planet and the nature. 

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I look forward to connecting with you and sharing the lost art of crystal healing and medicinal power of the Element of Earth.