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How energy works
Healing yourself, others and situations
Attunement to the grounding, amplifying and cleansing symbol
Sun Meditation
Grounding yourself
Protecting yourself
Sekhem healing procedure and self healing
Opening chakras
Closing chakras
Opening aura
Closing aura

Sekhem I Student Manual 
Sekhem I Certificate 

This courses is suitable for complete beginners and for those who have already done healing in the past.

At this level we start with understanding the spiral nature of the energetic movement in the human body and in the universe. How and why spirals are healing to the human body? Spiral movement is the most ancient and foundational organising energy along which the matter solidifies and things come into creation. Spirals can open your energy field, your chakras and take negative energies out, ground you better, expand you and take the pain away. We look at the nature and importance of the three foundational symbols in Sekhem and how to use them.

You will be attuned to three symbols at this level that will kick start the four weeks  process of cleansing, releasing, mending, reconnecting and rebuilding the inner energetic structures. Level I is an initial phase of increasing your vibratory level to the highest possible degree that you are able to hold at this moment. A large amount of very highly vibrational energy is released through opening up of your inner channels. This energy flows freely grounding and protecting you by pushing out lower vibrational energy that is harmless to you out of your energy field.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped the Sun and Solar Logos/Energy, not merely as the symbol of life giving force, but also as the living, vibrating presence within all living beings. Through simple Sun Meditation you reawaken and strengthen the Solar Logos, the Solar presence within you. This is the original source of creational nourishment, the way of life, philosophy of higher mind, understanding of the higher nature of man. It dissolves the man made artificial constructs, beliefs, patterns and structures that keep the human being from experiencing the freedom of fluid energy field and being in the flow.