Why is Sekhem Energy Healing important?

Posted by Maya Ris on Tuesday, August 4, 2020


We are changing rapidly and our energy is continually adjusting to its environment.

In energy healing Reiki came first, then Seichim and then Sekhem. As we kept growing as a community our consciousness and our energy keep increasing in frequency too.

Many individuals who have learned these three energy systems have innovated and developed various entrepreneurial businesses, services, artistic creations, systems, services and products. Many healing modalities are variations of these three original healing systems.

Sekhem is not attached to or based on any religion, cultural belief, political opinion or system of thought.

Sekhem’s role is to dissolve that which imprisons the human mind and energy in mechanised and frozen constructs.

When we are liberated from painful mental constructs and false interpretations of life, the natural flow of energy and consciousnesses returns and we experience life from a place of true freedom and a deeply meaningful connection to all.  

Energy is food for the body, mind and soul. When we eat food, we need to consume a wide variety of food so that the body gets all of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that it needs for its optimal health.

It is the same with energy. We need many vibrational frequencies because our body, its organs, our mind and emotions all vibrate on different frequencies. To be vibrantly healthy we need a full spectrum of all vibrational frequencies that life consist of.

We do not know which frequency our body, mind and spirit are going to need at any given time. This is why a comprehensive system with a wide range of frequencies like Sekhem is so beneficial.

You know that Reiki is great because it has always worked without a fail and it always will, however, if you have not learned Sekhem you would not know that, for example, anxiety, hyperactivity or restlessness are much better treated with Sekhem. 

Reiki is essential for the foundation. Seichim is essential for release of resistance and dissolution of solidified thought forms and limiting beliefs. Sekhem is the growth, expansion, innovation and creation.

When you learn Sekhem you receive all three systems: Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem.

When you are tuned into all three systems you have a very comprehensive set of tools. While Reiki has raised the frequency of our collective energy over the last one hundred years and continues to do so, many people, and especially millennials, are now ready to move faster than ever before.

The health problems and social issue we are facing today require powerful voltage that can reverse the cellular and physiological damage we inherited from the previous generations.

When we integrate the Sekhem frequencies we will as a collective, be ripe and ready to tune into, receive and utilise even higher frequency energies that improve things neither Reiki nor Sekhem can. We are changing and evolving all the time and this is reflected in our use of energy and expansion or contraction of our consciousness.

If we listen to our intuition, notice repetitive nudges that are mirrored in outside world and are calling us to take a particular action, and if we observe synchronicities as they appear, we will be guided in a direction of that which is best for us.

Polarise yourself to stimulate inner growth. Jump from one polarity to another, safely of course!

What is the best alternative to doing nothing?

Would you rather spend the next ten years feeling the same feelings, thinking the same thoughts, having the same physical and emotional problems, or would you rather step into a fast lane where all possibilities are?