Why can't you heal?

Posted by Maya Ris on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Today I was reminded of how amazing it is to channel energy distantly when a client is truly open to receiving it. What a wondrous experience! There is no struggle, just the cosmic flow of high voltage magic!

I have been intending to write about this for many months now because it is so important. For those of you who receive distant healing from me, regularly and occasionally, please do not think it is you I am talking about - we all have resistance to the highest versions of ourselves, it is a universal human condition. Still, please reflect if it speaks to you.

We are all learning how to be more open and more receptive in every moment of our life. We are also learning why it is hard for us to open.

Sometimes people say they want to heal but they are not present in their body to receive healing, or deep down they do not believe in it or do not want it, or their ego-mind is like the wall of Jericho – keeping anything new and different on the outside of the wall.

It is not the healer’s responsibility to heal you, to pump the cosmic force into you. A healer is a conductor and transmitter of energy but you are a receiver.

No one can crack you open to remove your pain unless you truly want this to happen. You need to be open and receptive to that particular healing that is happening at that moment. If you are not fully open to receive it you will not receive it fully.

You will receive healing to the capacity to which you can. 

Increasing that capacity is your work and has nothing to do with a healer, God, Universe or anybody else. You can start this process by asking yourself meaningful questions.

Why is it that some heal and some don’t? Why some heal quickly and some take forever? And why some heal only when they reach the rocky bottom? How do people with so-called incurable illness heal and have a complete remission?

How have they harnessed the power to receive and heal?

When you are receiving healing ask or pray to receive as much of it as possible. 

Say that you are willing to receive the healing via the person that is sending it to you and mean it.

Reach out to them energetically to connect with them.

Consciously bless them with your gratitude.

A circuit needs at least two components.

One component is not a circuit.

The pathways need to be open on both sides.

If you want electricity to flow through them both components need to be connected with wires.

Human beings are wireless.

Our wire is our intention and our will.

A solid heartfelt intention and an uncompromising will.

Intend for the best healing to come via your healer and override all those lower and unconscious doubts and believes that are stopping you from experiencing the magic of this beautiful energy that is all around us!

Nothing is more abundant than energy, so why is it so hard to let it in?

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