Medicine of the future

Posted by on Sunday, September 8, 2019

Energy healing is the medicine of the future. In fact the energy is the original medicine which is freely available to all, completely natural and creational in its origin. Energy healing is a process of streaming clean and vibrant energy to yourself, others, animals, plants and to your environment. Our bodies are built to be powerful receivers and transmitters of energy and our bodies exchange energy with everything and everybody in our immediate environment all the time. 

When we absorb a lot of negative energy from others or from the environment, and when we generate negative energy with our thoughts, feelings and actions we tend to accumulate vast amounts of this low vibrational energy that slows down our system and eventually manifest into illness and various problems. 

We can release and dissolve this negative energy and at the same time nurture and improve our health and well-being with various techniques that are now available to us. One of the most effective and fastest are Sekhem and Reiki.

Does Reiki really work?

When doctors could not help me at all I began looking for a local Reiki practitioner. As soon as my Reiki sessions began my health started improving. Reiki healing instantly started making changes in my body reducing the back pain and calming down my physiology so much that I started feeling better. 

Benefits of Reiki treatments I experienced were:

  • Reduced physical pain
  • Reduced tension and stress
  • Calmer physiology
  • Deep relaxation and less anxiety
  • Better moods and stronger focus

There were many more changes that I had experienced because Reiki healing was clearly a very spiritual way of living that brought improvement to everything I did. Eventually my back pain disappeared completely as well as many other health problems I had. After experiencing Reiki a few times I decided to look for a Reiki training and learn how to become a Reiki practitioner.

While there were many types of energy healing around I naturally gravitated towards Reiki as it was the fastest-growing healing modality in the world in spite of the prevailing disbelief that so many people have about energy healing. I was soon to discover that this was no coincidence and that there was a very good reason why so many across the world have embraced this wonderful form of natural and preventative medicine.

What is Reiki healing?

After finding a Reiki master and attending Reiki courses I started exchanging Reiki treatments with a fellow student. We spent months practising on each other and the most amazing thing was that after doing one day Reiki I Course everybody in the class was able to do Reiki, easily and effortlessly.

It was incredible to experience the energy flow move naturally and with ease through my hands without having to spend years in deep meditation and practice. However the most amazing thing was that I recognised this feeling of a flow in my hands. I realised that I have had it lots of times before I just did not know what it was because no one talks about it, there was no education to tell us we all have this ability in us.

I remembered touching my father’s hands as a small child and feeling powerful heat coming out of his hands at quite some distance from his palms. We were walking in the fields and my eyes were on the same level with his hands which were hanging alongside his body. I kept putting my hands in the space in front of his palms, feeling the heat that was coming off them and checking that it is still there. I remember wondering what was that powerful heat coming out of him? How is this possible? I remember feeling comfort and peace when I touched his hands.

I also remembered that I used to get that same feeling of energy flowing out of my hands in my karate and yoga classes as a child, while writing, being creative, in my Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes as an adult, while in meditation, while holding my daughter or my cat and feeling love for them, while hugging my mother, holding hands with a friend, while being near a cow (I know, how shocking is this, as most people do not realise that cows are living breathing embodiment of peace and we should never eat them) while doing something I love, while being in the moment and while walking in the nature.

After Reiki attunement we were instantly healers, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. As if we have always been able to do it but the tap was turned on just now. We could all feel the flow of this loving and nurturing stream of calmness whenever we wanted. No striving, no forcing, no effort at all, just complete ease and pure feeling of being.

Healing energy flows constantly out of all of us. Unfortunately, due to trauma, pain and negativity we gather in our lives, it gets blocked and it does not flow so well. After learning Reiki and going through a simple process of attunement and reactivating the natural flow within, the healing energy starts flowing again whenever you want it to.

There is such an innate beauty and perfection in the way human beings are designed. We forget this because we are so focused on surviving and soothing our every day pain by managing it with various coping mechanisms that are commercially available to us. The inner medicine that we all have in us and the extraordinary ability to pass it to each other is the most amazing expression of human race as one unified community.

Now that so many of us are recognising this incredible gift that energy healing is and that our innovative spirit is bringing through new forms of energy medicine, who knows what the future of healing is going to look like.

One thing is certain, the exponential growth of energy healing is spreading organically because “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

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