Are you an energiser or de-energiser?

Posted by Maya Ris on Monday, August 24, 2020

Did you know that energy is the hot topic which is emerging as the most important subject in the life of organisations and leadership?

Energy medicine is the next great discovery that is waiting to explode exponentially across the globe! It is the best way to naturally help the body come into balance and regain its full health.

The energy of a person affects their job engagement, level of social contagion, social support, social networks, relationship with the management and leadership, job performance and every other aspect of organisational and personal life.

Social contagion is a term used in academic studies and research to refer to the fact that emotions or energy are contagious.

According to the research you can ‘catch’ the emotional energy of others when you are around them. And, others will ‘catch’ your energy too. We all feel the quality of each other’s energy. Science has now given us solid research results confirming what we have always known, the vibe is everything!

You absorb the energy of those around you and you broadcast your energy to others. 

You cannot stop this, it is a 24/7 process. You cannot hide your energy either; you can only change and transform it into a different vibration so that it makes you feel better and that it feels better to those around you!

To be in charge of your energy and to make it work for you, you need to learn new skills and have a practice that will help you release and cleanse the energies that are polluting your body-mind-soul system.

At work, your energy becomes part of the collective pool of energy. The total energy of all employees or the collective relational energy is "an organisational resource that increases employees’ capacity for action and motivation, enabling them to do their work and attain their goals". Consequently, this will improve the success of the entire organization.

Unfortunately, this is also the most destructive resource that can negatively affect our relationships at work and our job performance if we do not manage it well.

It is also the least well-managed aspect of us and the least understood one too.

Are you energising to others or are you de-energising to them?

Are you an energiser or a de-energiser?

Notice what things or interactions that you perceive in your relationships de-energise you. Do you wonder why this happens?

And what happens when you de-energize others?

Do you even notice when you de-energise others?

Do you normally feel energised?

Just bear in mind that the afternoon slump, a sleepy and sluggish feeling that you feel between approximately 1 pm and 3:30 pm, is very common for the majority of people. While the slump is affected by your energy levels as well as many other things, it is an aspect of your biological body clock. This means that you will be more susceptible to the influence of others during this time and more likely to be low on energy, irritable and not as productive as earlier in the day.

How do you energise yourself?
What attitudes, experiences and interactions energise you?
What energy do you want to add to The Field?
What imprint do you want to leave?