Experience the power of  Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal Healing from the comfort of your own home?

Distant Sekhem,  Reiki  and Crystal attunements are very powerful.

Energy healing is very effective distantly.

Receive teachings on 1:1 distantly.

Experiencing power of Sekhem at distance shifts the mindset.

Distant energy work brings understanding on how mind affects energy.

Listen to your intuition, not the limited believes of others.

Flexible times.

Please contact for further information.

The teaching follows the same format as one to one teaching and takes up to 5 h to complete.

All Reiki, Sekhem and Crystal Healing levels are taught. 

No online bulk attunements.

Each person is attuned individually and directly while on a Zoom call.

Attunements are very powerful and often more so than in person.

Crystal Healing Levels II and III take 2 days each.

Reiki Courses 

Sekhem Courses

Crystal Healing:

Beginners Level I - 1day (5 h)
Intermediate Level II - 2 days (10 h)
Advanced Level III  - 2 days (10h)

As soon as I receive your payment I will send you a comprehensive manual for the modality you have chosen to learn. This gives you time to go through the manual so when we meet face to face on line you will be already familiar with the work. 

How does on line process work?

1. Make a payment.

2. You receive a manual for the course you are learning.

3. We schedule the time and date as soon as you can start.

4. You will receive a Zoom invitation from me. The training does not have to be all done in a day and can be broken up in segments that suit you.

5. During our on line Zoom call we will be in contact, on screen, throughout the whole process. 

6. You receive after care guidance 

7. We communicate further over Zoom or via email to look at any question you may have and for clarification. 


"Learning with you is always such an experiential process. There is never a question you cannot help me with and our discussions leave me wholly fulfilled on every level. Your breadth of understanding and knowledge is so vast I can only hope that one day I am able to help my own students in the same way. This journey of healing and learning is a never ending process where we exchange energy and understanding from our own heart felt experiences, thoughts and feelings and reminds me of the symbol of infinity, a never ending cycle. What you give and I give we co-create together in our journey. 

During this time of separation of the physical body, I have so appreciated the technology that has enabled us to connect  and it has not affected the way energy works between us. Receiving attunements distantly has been just as powerful as if I were with you in person. It has been visual, mental and physical, and deeply emotional...... Nothing has changed the spiritual process that has been working through us both.

I thank the universe and my intuition for leading me towards you, as souls, we were meant to meet and I am forever thankful that my calling to the heal myself and others has led me into your safe hands. 

I am forever thankful of this."

Laurie, East Sussex

"It was lovely to have worked with you and have had your support over the last few months as I continue to transition into being me.  I much appreciated the accountability aspect of our sessions which have left me with tools to ensure that I am able to hold myself to account and the importance in doing so.  I was able to rekindle my appreciation of tapping during our sessions which has encouraged me to use my EFT skills with clients.  

I am also posting more on social media so really working on my visibility, particularly having recognised this weekend my use of dissociation as a form of self sabotage and connected to that I am also working on being more present to my pain. All of this has supported me immensely in moving forward with my business.  

You are gifted in many ways - I'm sure you know - but in particular at cutting through the BS and seeking what is happening at the core of issue and working with that in your own unique way.  Your strength is definitely inspiring and your compassion and warmth appreciated. "

Vanessa, London

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