Sekhem Level II Course

12 May

 On-going courses. Please contact to book a course.
 Cost £270 

 Attunement to two Reiki symbol
Attunement to nine Seichim symbols
Healing triangle
Distance healing
Space clearing
Scanning the energy body
How to use the symbols

     Sekhem I and II together £370*

All courses include a follow up meeting approximately 3 weeks after the original course for further guidance and supervision which may be arranged with a group of other students or individually.

We look at what you are looking to acheive with your Sekhem healing and start from there. Every initation is different and it depends on the students' previous experieince and understanding of energy and how it works. The above are the basic topics covered in the course. However if a student is already familiar with the core topics the learning may be completely different. The aim is to fill the gaps in knowledge and techniques in order to increase one's skills and healing ability. All courses are intuitive and depend on what presents itself on the day and what each person requires.

*If you have already been attuned to Reiki, or, if you have practiced any other form of healing arts, it is possible to take Sekhem Level One and Sekhem Level Two together at a reduced cost of £350.

                                                                  Course Material

In addition to Sekhem manual students are offered relevant Reiki manuals. A
very detailed and comprehensive Reiki Level I manual of 70 and more pages including exercises, philosophy of Reiki as a life path and experience based knowledge together with the traditional knowledge from which Reiki was derived is given to all students who wish to have it. The manuals are great reference material that will help in developing your personal practice and deeper understanding of energy healing.

Level I Reiki Manual, Level II Reiki Manual and Reiki Level III and IV manuals are given in digital form to all students who wish to have it. They contain essential and traditional Reiki practices and exercise and detailed information on all aspects of energy healing appropriate for each level, designed to establish and improve a student's confidence in healing.