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Learning from one’s own healing crisis is what makes you a healer and you are therefore expected to use your chosen healing modalities on yourself first as there is no understanding of how to heal another if you have not gone through it yourself.

All students are advised to seek any psychological or medical  the support that they may need from appropriate professionals. Healing techniques promoted here are not meant to replace medical or psychiatric attention and use of medication. Often the combination of the appropriate use of conventional medical expertise and complementary therapies may successfully remove causes of illness.

 If you are experiencing any acute or chronic problems please let us know  before the start of the course or a healing session. These are for example: diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, low or high blood pressure, allergies, depression and psychological traumas, substance abuse, cancer etc.  All students and users of therapies must disclose any health issues that they have which may affect their healing sessions or learning during the course.

These courses and therapies do not teach how to be a medical intuitive and do not advocate medical diagnosis.  They also do not offer quick solutions and, for any true healing to occur, you need to have a serious commitment in order to go thorough your own transformational processes.

If we do not take respnosibility for our own healign an health by making committemetn and makign good choicese our system will run on a default programme which is uncoscious. The default programme is written by the unconscious absorption of chaotic patterns from parental upbringing, popular culture, media, peers etc. If you want to be a master of your own ship you have to grab that steering wheel, i.e., your beliefs and thoughts, into your own hands and start navigating consciously in order to override the automatic pilot. The techniques promoted on this site are the tried and tested tools to help you achieve that. The ultimate responsibility remains with you.

There is no guarante of healing as this is impossible  to predict and is up to you and your body. Different individuals require different amount and type of work. Healing is a process. The practitioner is not offering diagnosis of any kind nor the communication with the discarnate beings.  

Each healing is different. If someone has been healed of a particular condition and another person who is suffering from the same condition has not experienced any significant shifts, it indicates that furhter work needs to be done.