Alexandra Park N22

Welcome to my website. I hope you find it inspiring and informative.

            Reiki healing                            Sekhem healing
            Life Coaching                           Crystal Healing
            Ancestral Release                   Chakra balancing
            EFT                                             Inner Child
            Grounding                                Meditation

I teach personal health and wellbeing management through use of different energy healing techniques that I have learned over the last three decades and which I consider crucial in managing our health and wellbeing.

After many years of working in the field of law and human rights I decided to start my own business in order to help others learn about the relationship between the body, mind, feelings and soul.  

I offer consultations, personal guidance plans, therapy sessions, group workshops and one to one mentoring. The main therapies and techniques which I teach and use I consider to be fundamental for improving health and spiritual growth.  I am looking forward to sharing this beautiful and natural art of energy healing with you.