The Crystal Therapy Diploma Course

                                   Practitioner Level Courses

Certificate course 8 weekends
Diploma course 10 weekends 

Cost for each weekend £160
Deposit for Diploma/Certificate course £300
Cost for Module I - £160

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Crystal Therapy Foundation Manual for Students is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide that provides an excellent basis for those who want to study crystal therapy for personal use and those who wish to go onto advanced levels of study. Please contact for further information.
Cost £25

Course Information

The Certificate course is done over 8 weekends and all the dates are agreed upon with the students.

For the diploma course an additional two weekends are required.

The classes are kept small so that maximum benefit is achieved and that the learning requirements of the individual students are met. Students will be required to complete approximately 120 hours of work including the case studies which will have to be conducted throughout the course and the techniques and knowledge gained during the course will need to be applied.

The assessment is conducted in two ways. During the course hours students will be required to do lots of practical work in addition to the practical work done outside the class. The ongoing journals will have to be kept of the case studies, meditations, exercise, personal experiences etc., in order to demonstrate that a student has achieved the required level of competence and to show where further studying and support may be necessary.

All students receive the written course modules that are relevant to their study. All students should read as widely as possible to broaden their knowledge and keep in touch with the latest developments in this field. This course aims to equip individuals with skills that will assist them in developing their intuitive and psychic faculties, enable them to establish spiritual communication with the natural world as well as the loving and soul connection with the mineral kingdom and the Earth.

This is not a course in crystallography, although some basic aspects of it are covered in the courses. The emphasis is on the spiritual, energetic and vibrational nature of crystal therapy. It is desirable that students are highly committed to their path and to learning as the weekends are very intensive. While this is learning about crystals it is first and foremost a journey in self-development explored through the use of crystals.

It is not necessary to have any previous qualifications or experience to attend this course, however it is recommended that students obtain at least Reiki I or/and II levels as this will open them to energies and increase their ability to perceive on subtler levels. Cost of Reiki training is not included in the cost of Crystal Healing Course and will have to be done separately. Some individuals are open enough to be able to feel energies of the crystals without having to take attunements in Reiki, Sekhem, Seichim or any other healing modalities. If a student has not reached this level and there is still much clearing and releasing to be done they may not readily feel vibrational interactions with crystals which may cause them to doubt the nature of crystals.

The aim of this course is too create confident, safe, professional and highly competent healers from whom I would be happy to receive a treatment, to enable individuals to open up to the vibrational nature of the natural world and to inspire the sense of awe and wonder for the creation.

Please note that crystals are not supplied with this course and will have to be purchased separately. It may be possible to order crystals through this course from a reputable supplier.

  The course syllabus*

  • History of crystal healing and use of crystals
  • Grounding and protection
  • Crystal energy and choosing crystals, cleansing crystals, recharging, energising
  • Connecting with the crystals, crystal attunement, visualisation and relaxation
  • Inspiring and programming crystals
  • Human energy field- subtle bodies, charkas, meridians, aura cleansing, scanning and sensing the energy field, opening and closing chakras
  • Healing properties of crystals - some of the crystals that are studied include: Amber , Beryl Family- Emerald, Aquamarine etc, Calcite, Celestite, Fluorite, Garnet, Haematite, Labradorite , Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Malachite, Obsidian, Turquoise, Quartz family- clear Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamonds etc.
  • Healing crisis
  • Crystal placements and grids
  • Crystal essences and use of Reiki with crystals
  • Crystal Devas
  • Crystalline transmissions
  • Crystal reflexology and crystal massage
  • Colour and crystal healing
  • Pendulum and chakra balancing
  • Energy cords, psychic attack, entity release with crystals
  • Crystals and geopathic stress, space clearing
  • Channeling crystals, laser wands, ellestials, clusters, double-terminated, tabular crystals, Lemurian seed crystals etc.
  • Sound and crystal, toning and chakra tones
  • Case studies – case recording
  • Ethics, responsibilities and code of conduct

*Please note that new topics may be added at any time and this is not an exhaustive list of what is being taught.

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