Crystal Therapy Diploma Course

10th and 11th November 9:30 - 16:30

The Crystal Therapy Diploma Course has 8 modules and each module is taught over two days. 

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Course days are arranged during the first weekend on the dates that are convenient for all participants. 

Alternatively we can set the dates for the next module each time we meet. 

There are no deadlines.

There is no requirement to finish a course by a certain time and everybody can study according to their own time. This course is about personal self development and becoming a confident crystal healer.  All of the modules are very practical and you will learn how to work with energy in general.  

It would be very useful if the participants have attained at least level I and/or level II Reiki or any other healing modality that uses attunement process to open the energy flow in an individual. As Reiki enhances one's sensitivity to energy it is very important that you learn at least Reiki I. Some people are naturally sensitive to the crystals and to energies in general and a Reiki attunement may not be required, however it will enhance and amplify whatever skills are already there. 

If you cannot feel the energy from crystals when you hold them please consider that a Reiki attunement may be very beneficial for you. If you enrol on the this crystal healing course you may be able to receive Reiki attunements at a discounted cost. 

What is crystal healing?

Crystal therapy uses natural and  unaltered crystals  to enhance the natural flow of energy. Crystals have natural energy within them which is activated and amplified when used by a person. 

They are the most natural medicine we can use to break up the blockages, move and shift the stuck energies, improve one’s health and performance, connect with the natural world and elements and increase our sense of wellbeing.

IBM scientist marcel Vogel noticed, while watching crystals grow under a microscope, that their shape took a form of whatever he was thinking about concluding that the molecules are constantly arranging and rearranging themselves according to the vibrations they are exposed to. He showed that rocks can store thoughts similar to how tapes use magnetic energy to record sound. Crystals are next big development in the natural felid of medicine. 

Bring your intentions to life

Explore how you wish to upgrade yourself 

Focus exactly on what you want to change within you

Readjusts the neural pathways by flooding them with various crystal vibrations

New crystals are being discovered all the time. Some crystals are found only in one geographical location which evolves its own minerals according to its own electro magnetic environment.  Even within the same family of crystals, for example quartz, different specimens growing in different geographical areas will have different qualities, different frequencies and therefore different healing abilities. 

Every crystal is unique and they each have their own special attributes and energies. 

Crystals exist in subtler forms within every part of the  the creation because the crystalline structure – the geometric molecular arrangement of the atoms and molecules within a crystal is very symmetrical and it is the foundation of the material construction of the universe. 

This symmetrical crystalline structure enables them to be perfect conductors and transmitters of energy, the property that has extensively been used in our technology. This structure makes them the most stable and most perfectly arranged forms of matter on the planet with properties of conducting, transforming, emitting and amplifying energies that can be used by everybody. They facilitate the energy transfer between the different forms of life and objects.

 How crystal healing works?

Crystal healing works naturally and occurs spontaneously regardless of whether a person consciously wants to receive it or not. Resonance and interaction between different energy fields:  human, animal or mineral, occurs naturally and are the most fundamental form of communication.

All that is needed is to hold a crystal in your hand or to place your hands on a mineral and energy will naturally flow between a person and a crystal. This is a natural and most basic way energy moves between people, animals, plants, stars etc. Nothing really specific is needed for an energy transfer to occur and the healing process to take place. It is not even necessary to hold crystals to benefit from their natural healing and transformational properties. Although this may not be easily done by everybody, you only need to hold a vision of a crystal in your mind and intention in your heart in order to connect with the energy of that crystal. Crystals are everywhere within the Earth and on the surface; they are conductors and amplifiers of the earth’s energies. Some feel that they are the veins of our beloved planet, all serving their purpose in maintaining the natural harmony.

Having a crystal at home or in jewellery will inevitably expose you to the energetic influence of that crystal.  Crystals have a very strong energy field around them that readily interacts with their environment. Because of this constant energetic exchange crystals need to be cleansed regularly and rested if they are used for healing so that they are not overwhelmed. A crystal that has been exposed to extreme harshness needs to be given time to heal.

Crystal Healing can be used for numerous illnesses  and conditions as well as for their prevention. Crystals have an amazing ability to assist the body and mind in recovering from any illnesses and they speed up the natural healing processes. They will encourage the growth of the tissue, reduce stress and its related conditions, repair energy circuits, dissolve and shift the energy blockages, enhance the positive effects of numerous therapies, heal depressive illnesses, feed the heart and soul with the loving energy that can reduce substance craving, improve detoxification body etc.

Crystals work very well with many forms of energy healing and Reiki and Sekhem healing can be taken on the whole new level with the use of crystals and crystal grids.