Life Coaching for

Spiritual awareness
Becoming more present
Healthy eating
Authentic living

I provide individualized coaching to help develop your unique intuitive gifts and assist you in making full use of your one-of-a-kind abilities. This type of coaching helps you live true to your most authentic self in daily life, making heartfelt decisions that bring you genuine satisfaction while moving your life in the most soul centred purpose for you in this moment in your life.

Sessions last one hour, however two hour sessions will reach far deeper as it takes a time for individual energies to unfold and expand.

As your coach I motivate, support and inspire you to make that change that you desire to make. I am 100% committed to your success believing in you even when you do not. Discover your onw well spring of positivity and powerful resourcefulness that brings the peace and well being.

      Get rid of inner discomfort and pain.
See and Embrace a Bigger Vision
Discover your natural gifts and your life purpose.
Gain clarity about what you truly want in your life.
Release ancestral problems that are not yours.
Stop absorbing energies that are not yours.
top giving your positive energy to others.
Stop being tired and losing your own vitality.
Understand your aches, pains and discomforts.
Change self-defeating behavioural patterns that are holding you back.
Improve your self-confidence and motivation.
Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Achieve results much more rapidly than you would on your own.

Each session takes into consideration your specific questions and intentions for the consultation, and weaves your questions and intent into a balanced whole with intuitive messages. 

I utilize a variety of techniques that include: Ancestral Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Child, Grounding, Centring, Crystal Vibrational Energy, Stellar Frequencies, Sekhem, Reiki, Emotional tracing and focusing, Aura Healing, Colour healing, Energy Clearing, Meditation, Negative Entity Removal , Prayer, Qi Gong, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Communication, Toning and many others.

The session are highly individual and techniques used will depend on what needs to be worked on and what the personal needs are. Sometimes you may need energy healing, other times you may require assistance figuring out what to do next in your life or how to deal with a particular challenge.

I can help you align yourself with your spiritual gifts and higher purpose to understand the inner messages and lessons to be learned, discover your goals and ways of moving forward.


“Absolutely wonderful. I feel a new woman!”  Angela, London

"Fabulous again – didn’t want it to stop. Would recommend Sekhem to everyone!” Chris, London

“Having a holistic therapies day is one of the most popular things we’ve ever done!” Andrew , London

"The treatment really helped my insomnia. I slept soundly throughout the night for the first time in ages!" Rowena, London

" I have learned how to incorporate simple techniques in my daily work routine that helps me keep calm and relaxed" Ali, London

"Having Reiki healing was a real revelation, I am now able to relax by myself and my energy levels are great" Ann, London