Improve the Flow Workshop

16th June 09:30 - 17:00  North London


Alexandra Park N22 7XH

 Please bring a light lunch with you. Teas and coffees will be provided.

Receive a Reiki/Sekhem reattunement to the highest level you already have 
Kick start the inner flow
Strengthen the flow in your hands
Find out where your main blockage is
Draw power into yourself

As a human being and especially as a healer you are meant to continually keep  identifying the points in your daily life where you get stuck, inauthentic, harmful to yourself and others, where you betray yourself, others or the creation, when you take a wrong turn and when you are unethical.

These are your blockages to The Flow, to your ability to channel greater amounts of power.

Those are the points at which the cosmic energy just cannot flow through you and you cannot flow with it.

Have you been present enough to yourself to feel consciously where you opted out of fully experiencing a particular life experience and particular event? Why have you not felt that fully?

In this workshop we will explore deeper levels or resistance to healing and to your personal joy

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