Distance Crystal Healing Course

Distance learning Crystal Healing course is a flexible way to complete the foundation course in Crystal Therapy and can be upgraded to the Certificate in Crystal Therapy by attending two practical assessment days. Attendance for the practical assessment is necessary only if you wish to be accredited and insured as a practitioner. If you do not wish to proceed in this direction at the moment, and you only wish to pursue your own path of healing it will not be necessary to attend the practical course. This practical course can be taken at any time in the future and not necessarily straight after the completion of the foundation course.

You will need to complete approximately about 90 hours of work to finish the course. This can all be done in your own time and at your own pace. The certificate of completion is given at the completion of all the required learning. The modules are sent by email or by post and you will have to demonstrate competence in each module. As soon as one module is completed another one will be sent out. Students are all required to conduct ongoing case studies and keep detailed journals of the healing sessions, meditations and homework as this will be used to assess the progress made on the course.

During the course one-to-one support is available within reason and can be conducted over the phone or via the internet through the Skype programme.

Cost of one-to-one tutoring is included in the overall cost of the course.